Experience the Wii U GamePad.

Packed with every Wii U console, the revolutionary new Wii U GamePad controller
is a second window into your gaming world.

Connect and be social.

Communicate with fellow Wii U players. Video chat with friends from afar. Browse the Internet. You can do it all with the built-in connected features of Wii U.4

Miiverse™ Wii U Chat Internet


See Mario in HD.

For the first time, experience your favorite Nintendo worlds in crystal clear high definition.

Shop, download and play.

Games, video entertainment, free demos and more all await in the Nintendo eShop—a digital storefront accessible from every Wii U console. 3

Play your Wii games too.

No need to leave your Wii stuff behind. Nearly all Wii games, data and accessories can transfer directly to your new Wii U console—making it a great value.5

Social & family friendly,

Wii has something for everyone.

  • Motion-controlled, active play
  • Family fun at an amazing value
  • Gaming experiences for everyone
  • Access to Netflix from your Wii console
  • All-time classic game downloads & more



Great fun right out of the box.

Nobody does motion-control gaming quite like Wii. Fun and intuitive gameplay enhanced by your own body's movements will get the entire family up and off the couch for unforgettable gaming sessions.

Family fun at an amazing value.

The Wii package is an amazing value at only $129.99 MSRP*. It comes packed with the two iconic Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort Wii games, a Wii Remote™ Plus controller, Nunchuk accessory, and everything else you need to be up and running in no time.

Gaming experiences for everyone.

Whether you're five or 95, there's a great game waiting for you with Wii. From fitness games, sports, and racing titles to timeless adventures starring Mario, Link, Kirby, and more, everyone in your family will find something to enjoy.

Nintendo DS is gaming
that goes everywhere.

With amazing games, touch screen controls, and built-in creative tools, the Nintendo DS system has something for everyone.

Why you'll love Nintendo DS

Get your game on with hundreds of titles.

The Nintendo DSi system plays nearly all of the hundreds of great Nintendo DS titles in stores. From games starring Nintendo favorites like Mario, Zelda, and Kirby to family-friendly titles for gamers of any age, you'll find a great experience for everyone.

Two screens, touch controls, and more.

Nintendo DSi systems have two bright, beautiful screens to display game graphics, allowing for unique gameplay experiences you won't find anywhere else. The bottom screen has touch sensitivity, allowing you to truly get hands-on with your game via the included stylus, and a built-in microphone can pick up spoken commands—all making for a portable gameplay experience like no other.

3D entertainment without glasses

Imagine playing games and watching videos on the go in full, eye-popping 3D… All without the need for glasses. Nintendo 3DS games have incredible graphics, and you can turn down the 3D effect to any level, or turn it off completely at any time with the built-in 3D depth slider to play games in crisp, clear 2D.


Plays Nintendo DS games

In addition to its exclusive new titles and features, Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with nearly the entire library of Nintendo DS games. So if you're upgrading from a previous Nintendo DS system, you'll still be able to enjoy your existing game collection.